I Will Fight for You

Humans are resilient, yet we can also be fragile. Live long enough, and we come face-to-face with a debilitating or deadly disease. Two women in my life battled breast cancer last year. Their heroism inspired me to write the story _ _ _ _, included in this anthology (all profits go to the American Cancer…

‪“The Manchurian Candidate”‬

(1962 – weirdly one year before the assassination of JFK) is bursting with excellent conspiracy theories and is compellingly performed. Some logic problems, though the good points of the movie far outweigh the bad. Highly recommended (8.5 out of 10).

‪October Film Challenge (Day 30)

Next scary movie I want to see. I never saw “Black Sabbath” (1963) directed by Mario Bava. It’s a horror anthology with three scary stories starring Boris Karloff, and I’m pretty sure the band based their name on it. Tonight’s the night!

‪October Film Challenge (Day 26)

Horror book I wish was a movie. Other than one of my own, I think ZERO SAINTS by Gabino Iglesias would make a great movie. It’s original and relentless!

‪October Film Challenge (Day 25)

Witch movie. 2015’s “The Witch” is about a witch… or is it about a witch-hunt (i.e., fear of the unknown)? Beautiful textures, very creepy. I like it more every time I see it. (Highly recommended – 9 out of 10.)

‪October Film Challenge (Day 24)

Under-appreciated horror movie. The way “The Resurrected” (1991) is cut makes the humor in the first act a bit awkward, though the last act is genuinely frightening and beautifully shot/lit. Recommended (8 out of 10).

October Film Challenge ‬(Day 23)

‪Demon/possession theme. Korean-language horror (with police procedural elements) movie “The Wailing” is available to stream on Netflix. I had never seen anything quite like it. Recommended (8 out of 10).

October Film Challenge (Day 22)

‪Horror TV series I wish was a movie. “Berserk” (1997-1998) is a unique animated Japanese series about the horrors of Medieval war that turns by degrees to the supernatural. Not for kids. Highly recommended (8 out of 10). Thanks Jonathan Backer for introducing me to it!

‪October Film Challenge ‬(Day 21)

Giant monsters. In 2016, Nacho Vigalondo directed this dark comedy where a woman (Anne Hathaway) unconsciously causes a giant monster to attack South Korea. Unusual. Recommended (8 out of 10).

October Film Challenge (Day 19)

Zombie movie. I honestly have never laughed so hard in a theater than when my buddies and I saw “Dead Alive” (1992) at the Nuart in L.A.. The next day, my abs hurt. Directed by Peter Jackson. Insanely gory. My highest recommendation (10 out of 10).‬

‪OctoberFilmChallenge ‬ (Day 17)

Animal in a scary movie. The uncanny performance of this guy in “The Thing” (1982). One of my top twenty movies of all time. My highest recommendation (10 out of 10)!