October Film Challenge (Day 22)

‪Horror TV series I wish was a movie. “Berserk” (1997-1998) is a unique animated Japanese series about the horrors of Medieval war that turns by degrees to the supernatural. Not for kids. Highly recommended (8 out of 10). Thanks Jonathan Backer for introducing me to it! Advertisements

‪October Film Challenge ‬(Day 21)

Giant monsters. In 2016, Nacho Vigalondo directed this dark comedy where a woman (Anne Hathaway) unconsciously causes a giant monster to attack South Korea. Unusual. Recommended (8 out of 10).

October Film Challenge (Day 19)

Zombie movie. I honestly have never laughed so hard in a theater than when my buddies and I saw “Dead Alive” (1992) at the Nuart in L.A.. The next day, my abs hurt. Directed by Peter Jackson. Insanely gory. My highest recommendation (10 out of 10).‬

‪OctoberFilmChallenge ‬ (Day 17)

Animal in a scary movie. The uncanny performance of this guy in “The Thing” (1982). One of my top twenty movies of all time. My highest recommendation (10 out of 10)!

‪October Film Challenge (Day 16)

Foreign horror. “The Devil’s Backbone” (a Spain/Mexico co-production) is a revolutionary take on the Gothic horror story, one of Guillermo del Toro’s best movies. In Spanish with English subtitles. My highest recommendation (10 out of 10).

‪October Film Challenge (Day 15‬)

B-horror movie. L.A. residents are going bald and committing acts of homicide! The only thing more bizarre than the premise is the plot. “Blue Sunshine” (1977) does have one great scene that makes the rental 100% worth it. Recommended (6 out of 10).

‪OctoberFilmChallenge (Day 14)

Horror directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead are relatively new visionary partners taking the genre into undiscovered country with movies like “The Endless” (2017). It’s on Netflix (10 out of 10 – my highest recommendation).

October Film Challenge (Day 13)

Cannibal movie. “The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover” (1989). This slow-paced, beautifully-shot art house drama (D: Peter Greenaway, DP: Sacha Vierny) with horror elements goes “all the way” in its depiction of cannibalism. (8.5 out of 10.)

October Film Challenge – Day 12

Parody of a horror movie. “Student Bodies” (1981) is slasher movie spoof that doesn’t get mentioned too often these days. I missed its theatrical run and learned about it later through FANGORIA magazine. (6 out of 10 – recommended.)

‪October Film Challenge ‬- Day 11

2010’s Scary Movie. We’re living in a golden age of horror this decade, and “Personal Shopper” is a great one (8.5 – recommended) not too many saw. Stewart nails a subtle performance of an existential American in Paris surrounded by death.

October Film Challenge (Day 10)

2000’s Scary Movie. “The Descent” (2005). Written and directed by Neil Marshall, it’s a perfect one-note express train designed for maximum thrills, scares and fun. Limited re-watchability is my only criticism (highly recommended – 9 out of 10).

‪October Film Challenge‬ (Day 9)

1990’s Scary Movie. “In the Mouth of Madness” (1994). Sam Neill brilliantly plays a PI who tracks down a missing horror writer in this lesser-known horror gem from director John Carpenter! (Recommended – 8 out of 10.)