Gatecreeper – Sonoran Deprivation

That Stockholm death-metal sound is alive and well with this new release from Relapse. I know these guys hail from Tempe, AZ. Trust me — if you’re into Entombed, you’ll be into this. Advertisements

New Mastodon March 31

#HeavyMetalFriday – The new Mastodon album, EMPEROR OF SAND, is out next week. Get your headphones ready….

Horror Night at My House

Watching “Darling” and the exquisitely-titled “I am The Pretty Thing That Lives in the House” on Netflix tonight.

RIP Bernie Wrightson

Legendary artist who created the cover of the first anthology that ever published my work. Thank you.‬


I’m stunned that next year will be the thirtieth anniversary of the first feature film upon which I worked, “Hellbound: Hellraiser II.” To commemorate it, I acquired this small memento from The Puzzle-Box Maker. Working on the film was a thrill. I assisted my mentor, Margaret Guerra Rogers, the woman who taught me everything I…

#HeavyMetalFriday – Future World

One of the best metal recordings of the 80s is this masterpiece… and “Future World” is only one track on the phenomenal album KEEPER OF THE SEVEN KEYS PART I. German metalheads HELLOWEEN defy the laws of physics by playing well beyond their obvious technical brilliance to capture an album of staggering soul and swagger….

The Kate That Roared

‪Wait… I just found out @katemicucci is the voice of Clayface in “The Lego Batman Movie.” She’s good.‬