RIP George A. Romero

It’s sad to lose one’s heroes.

I’ll always be a great admirer of Romero’s work. Growing up in L.A., his career was important proof to me that a Latin-American man could create important, socially-relevant works of art and still be successful in business.

“Night of the Living Dead” was the first thing I ever saw of his. At the time, I had no idea how ground-breaking it was.

My buddy Marc and I saw “Creepshow,” his first collaboration with Stephen King, the week it came out. I dragged my Dad to see “Dawn of the Dead” at a local revival theater. “Martin” and “The Dark Half” I rented on VHS. I loved them all. The last thing I saw from him was “The Crazies.” Loved that one, too.

I’m deeply saddened that he won’t be making more films. Still — his legacy lives on. His son is a filmmaker. And when it comes to the indelible image he created — that of attacking zombie hordes — all you have to do is watch either of the two most popular shows on TV.


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