Of Art and Man – “Hacksaw Ridge” 8/10

“Hacksaw Ridge,” directed by Mel Gibson, is streaming on HBO now. If you can hadle gory WWII combat, I recommend it.

I’ve read that Beethoven was a dick. He also composed some of the most transcendently beautiful music ever written.

Gibson knows how to direct. His war movies, “Braveheart,” “Apocalypto” and “We Were Soldiers” are stirring, brilliantly-edited works of art that depict in one swoop the vile murderous depths to which man can sink and the glorious heights of bravery to which he can soar.

“Hacksaw Ridge” isn’t perfect. The production design and music seem a bit… inexpensive. Christian themes are loud and ever-present, though probably portrayed accurately. The depiction of the Japanese combatants is two-dimensional at best.

On the other hand, Andrew Garfield turns in an amazing performance as Desmond Doss, the real-life Conscientious Objector who saved many lives in combat in Okinawa.
With regard to the direction, it’s absolutely brilliant. Reminds me of a young Steven Spielberg, whose work I also greatly admire (apologies to both men?).

In any case: 8/10.


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