Victor H. Rodriguez is a talent manager, novelist and short-story writer. He’s been a scriptwriter for HBO and published short fiction with Murder of Stortytellers, Jaded Books and White Wolf. He also has short stories in the upcoming anthologies Year’s Best Transhuman SF from Gehenna and Hinnom, and Hyperion and Theia from Radiant Crown. Advertisements

“Annabelle: Creation” – 8/10

The Blumhouse tapestry of horror films continues to take shape with this well-crafted origin story.  Annabelle first appeared in “The Conjuring” (2013) in a supporting role. She starred in her own forgettable spin-off film a year later. Honestly, the current Annabelle film doesn’t offer anything new, but it’s scary and fun as hell. Good performances…

Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King – 9/10

His stories in this special are personal, about growing up with immigrant parents in the über-white city of Davis, CA. Funny all the way through with zero lag. Excellent performance. Streaming on Netflix now. 9/10.

Top Twenty Movies of All Time

“In a Lonely Place” (1950) – My favorite noir. Deeply flawed protagonist. Watching this, I finally understood why Bogart is great — the range of sensitivity and toughness he portrays is astounding. “Seven Samurai” (1954) – I’m fascinated by the role that warriors play within society, how they’re glorified when needed and shunned when the…