“Billions” Season Three Premiere

10 out of 10.

It’s true that the show prides itself on giving the viewer tons of information in every episode, though I think it’s at its best when it slows down to capture human drama. I don’t think it’s necessary to absorb every detail to understand what’s happening. The depiction of the setting is no doubt meant to simulate the information-heavy lives in which its characters live.

Unlike many other TV series, it can also be disorienting from a complete lack of a single ideology in the storytelling… though I find that refreshing. Instead of the mythical “Hero’s Journey,” The structure is instead built like a working machine (i.e., symmetry surrounding the lives of Bobby and Chuck – with their wives in the center holding it all together). The main characters are like wizards trying to control the force of nature that is finance each in his (or her – or their) own way. The rise of Taylor is a plot I saw coming many episodes ago, and I’m confident the writers will do a good job with it. Also, the inobvious music supervision continues to excel.


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